Who We Are

100% of your donation goes directly to the recipient organization, each with its own focus and strong record of success in responding to HIV at a grassroots level. You can direct your donation to either organization, or to both.

Dignitas International is a medical and research organization dedicated to transforming patient health and health care systems for the most vulnerable people. Dignitas was launched with an underlying belief in human dignity. Committed to innovation, Dignitas works with patients, health care workers, researchers and policymakers to tackle barriers to care in resource-limited communities. Combining frontline medical care and high-impact research, Dignitas saves lives and upholds the right to health by treating patients, translating knowledge and catalyzing change in global health policy and practice. Since 2004, Dignitas has been developing solutions that address challenges faced by patients and health care workers in Malawi. By working within the public health care system, Dignitas is able to develop insights and innovations that are sustainable and scalable. As a result, our impact extends beyond Malawi to other resource-limited communities around the world.


“To see first hand, the impact of AIDS on African communities compels you, as an individual, to try to do something to help. Dr. Philpott has taken this further – she has inspired Canadians to join her in the fight against AIDS.”
– Dr. James Orbinski, Co-Founder, Dignitas International

The Stephen Lewis Foundation (SLF) works with community-level organizations which are turning the tide of HIV/AIDS in Africa by providing care and support to women, orphaned children, grandmothers and people living with HIV and AIDS. Since 2003, SLF has funded over 1,100 initiatives, partnering with 300 community-based organizations in the 15 African countries hardest hit by the AIDS pandemic.

These grassroots groups are the lifeline for their communities: they provide counselling and education about HIV prevention, care and treatment; distribute food, medication and other necessities; reach the sick and vulnerable through home-based health care; help orphans and vulnerable children access education and work through their grief; and support grandmothers caring for their orphaned grandchildren. To better understand the impact of your contributions, read more about the costs of some project activities in Africa.

With your support, these grassroots organizations will reach hundreds of thousands of the most vulnerable children (including orphans, children with disabilities, children heading households), support grandmother groups to access pensions, health care, food sources and emotional support, strengthen networks of people living with HIV and AIDS, assist home-based care workers with stipends, training and support, and provide quick and effective support in crisis situations for organizations working at the crossroads of sexual violence and HIV/AIDS.


“Give a Day is an intensely individual and human response to the AIDS pandemic. You can’t imagine what a few dollars will do to transform human life amongst sophisticated and resilient people who are struggling for survival each day.”
– Stephen Lewis, Chair of the Stephen Lewis Foundation