GLINT – A Marathon of the Mind

Dr. Jane Philpott, Founder of Give a Day writes…Time to get going on a new idea to keep attention on HIV in the world – with the ultimate goal of a world without AIDS!

Been thinking about how everyone loves a challenge. Many health-related foundations gather great energy and support from runs, walks, bike-a-thons – you name it!

Since I’m not remotely an athlete myself, yet forever seeking ways to expand the Give a Day campaign, I thought we should develop a Marathon of the Mind.

Another inspiration for this plan comes from the fact that I am now a confirmed Twitter addict. Happy to have finally clued in to this great tool for connecting with creative & inspiring people all over the world.

So, the ingredients of this Marathon of the Mind will be:
– Raising awareness about HIV in the world
– Inspiring more people to give a day’s pay
– Takes place on World AIDS Day, December 1
– Happens Live on Twitter
– Includes people from around the world
– Educates about HIV and the places most affected by HIV
– Kind of like a trivia contest but HIV is not a trivial (trifling, unimportant) matter, so this will be a “not-so trivial” challenge

With great anticipation, may I introduce you to GLINT!

The GLINT challenge is the
Give a Day
Trivial challenge.

Many more detail to follow. But for now, start putting together a GLINT team from your workplace, community, family or friends. Set aside one hour. On December 1 at 12 noon EST, the world will gather for GLINT. We will Connect, Collaborate & Contribute toward a world without AIDS!

Great Results for Give a Day 2010!

We are thrilled to announce that the Give a Day 2010 campaign has raised over half a million dollars on behalf of people affected by HIV! This is a great time to celebrate and reflect on all that happened in 2010.

There was even greater energy, enthusiasm and momentum for the Give a Day movement this year. We saw the concept of “global solidarity and local solutions” put into action as communities in Canada came together in creative ways to show their strong support and solidarity for communities in Africa that are affected by HIV. We kicked off the campaign by hearing former Prime Minister Paul Martin address a sold-out crowd from the legal, medical and business communities, urging them to join the Give a Day movement. We were gratified to see how this endorsement inspired new campaigns and donations and gave us the opportunity to bring the idea of Give a Day to a wider audience.

We thank all those who participated in the Give a Day campaign. The donations received have been instrumental in allowing The Stephen Lewis Foundation and Dignitas International to continue their remarkable work in responding to the HIV and AIDS pandemic at the grassroots, facilitating access to life-saving drugs and by supporting community-based initiatives.

We are already hard at work preparing for Give a Day 2011. Please contact us at if you would like to be a part of this growing movement! We can give you information on how to launch a campaign in your workplace or how you can join us as a volunteer.

Stouffville Makes Beautiful Music for Give a Day

The Stouffville Harambee, a benefit concert with the Rouge River Connection and Albert Street Four held at 19 on the Park on Nov 25th, raised over $6,300 for Give a Day to World AIDS and their partner organizations.  

 Dr. Jane Philpott, founder of the Give a Day movement, says, “What an incredible result this is. What a generous and compassionate community we have here in Stouffville.”
Rouge River Connection

Rouge River Connection

She expressed gratitude to the musicians and volunteers and commented that, “Even without the donations it was a very important evening for raising awareness and growing our sense of global solidarity.  And with these donations we can see the solidarity translated into real impact to give people longer and healthier lives.” 
Robina Ssentongo, a visitor from Uganda, spoke at the concert about her community-based organization that is serving the AIDS orphans and the grandmothers burdened with the care of many children – work funded by the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

Robina Ssentongo and Dr. Jane Philpott

Robina Ssentongo from Kitovu Mobile in Uganda and Dr. Jane Philpott, Give a Day Founder

Paul Martin Inspires Canadians to Take Action

This year’s Hot Talks event promised to inspire, and with a line-up that included former Prime Minister Paul Martin and Dr. James Orbinski, it did just that.

More than 200 people from the Toronto business community attended the sold-out event at the National Club last week to learn more about development in Africa and the role that Canadians can play in eliminating the AIDS pandemic that currently threatens the lives of millions.

Speakers highlighted the role of individual Canadians in ensuring that the issue of AIDS in Africa does not fall off the radar. They noted that even the smallest amount of support to an organization like the Stephen Lewis Foundation or Dignitas International can make a big difference.

Simple actions taken by everyday Canadians in the fight against AIDS acts like a beacon, said Give a Day founder Dr. Jane Philpott. It’s a signal to the international community that Canadians stand in solidarity with individuals living a world away, and that the issue of AIDS in Africa is unacceptable.

Many attendees have since pledged that they will recognize World AIDS Day on December 1st by giving one day’s pay to an organization that will use the money well in the fight against HIV.

Video footage of this event will soon be uploaded so check back soon.

The Right Honourable Paul Martin, Dr. James Orbinski and the Give a Day Team

The Right Honourable Paul Martin, Dr. James Orbinski and the Give a Day Team

Stouffville Harambee – November 25

Stouffville Harambee_Oct18Local musicians in Give a Day founder Dr. Jane Philpott’s home town are putting on a benefit concert on Thursday, November 25 at 7:30 pm to support the cause.  The event, featuring the Albert Street Four and Rouge River Connection, will be held at 19 on the Park, an arts centre in downtown Stouffville, Ontario.  Concert goers will enjoy a variety of musical styles, including folk, bluegrass, country and gospel.  Tickets are $15 each and can be purchased in Stouffville at Chic Thrills or Reesor Farm Kitchen.  People from out of town can reserve tickets for pick-up at the door by calling Joanna at (905) 642-0211.

Stouffville Harambee