Follow these simple steps to give one day’s pay on or before December 1, World AIDS Day.

1. Calculate a Day’s Pay

Your annual pay (pre-tax or after tax – it’s up to you) ÷ 235 (# working days in a year)

We suggest a day’s pay, but it’s up to you to give what you are able  – a few hours, a half day, a week’s pay. Whatever you decide to give will make a difference.

Determine your donation:

÷ 235 =

2. Make Your Donation

Determine your method of payment (online or cheque) and use the links below to make your donation directly to the Stephen Lewis Foundation or Dignitas, or to split your donation evenly between the two organizations.

Donate Online

Click on the Give A Day logo to split your gift evenly - or click on the organization you would like to donate to.

Part of a workplace campaign? Please indicate your workplace name on the donations page.

Donate By Cheque

If you have a workplace campaign place the cheque in an envelope which can be given to the workplace coordinator or dropped in an allocated box. Participants in workplace campaigns may choose to mail a donation directly to the organization with a note explaining that it is part of the Give a Day campaign at your workplace.

Dignitas International
20 Toronto Street Suite 1220
Toronto, Ontario M5C 2B8
The Stephen Lewis Foundation
260 Spadina Avenue Suite 501
Toronto, Ontario M5T 2E4

If you mail a cheque, include a note indicating it is for the Give a Day campaign.

Gift of Securities


If your company is currently running a campaign for Give a Day, your group may decide to make donations by cheque to a designated person. If you are also donating on-line, let the designated person know so your group can keep a record of your totals.

3. Encourage Family, Friends & Colleagues to Donate!

Let them know about Give A Day in person or on the web with one of many tools: Email, Twitter, Facebook...