Give a Day Supporters

Give a Day is made possible by many generous supporters across Canada. From personal contributions to workplace campaigns, no amount of support goes unappreciated.  Together, we are turning the tides on HIV & AIDS and providing both health and hope to the communities who need it most.

Arlene Dickinson

I am inspired by the impact that Dignitas International and the Stephen Lewis Foundation is having in helping communities respond to AIDS in Africa. This World AIDS Day, I encourage Canadians to mobilize as globally-minded citizens and to donate a day's pay as part of the Give a Day campaign in support of an AIDS-free world.
- Arlene Dickinson, CEO of Venture Communications and

The Honourable Dennis R. O’Connor, OC, QC

Over the past several years members of Canada’s legal community have embraced this cause and together we can continue to make a difference. Your donation will provide a lifeline to the community groups, clinics and organizations that so effectively bring care and support to those living with HIV and AIDS.

Canada’s legal community can be proud of its contribution to this campaign and I hope that you will consider supporting us this year. On December 1st please become part of the global solution and give one day’s pay to the Give a Day campaign.
-The Honourable Dennis R. O’Connor, OC, QC